Grapevine is shutting down its services.

Hello Grapeviners,

It’s with great sadness that we will be closing down our Grapevine Community by midnight today. Over the years we have found your participation, opinions, surveys completions informative and valuable and thank you for all of your responses.
Over the last couple of years, we have found, like many things, the nature of our work changing and we have less need for this platform, meaning that we have fewer and fewer occasions to consult with you. RDSi is continuing to conduct market research but through recruiters, this would be the time to locate your local recruiter and join. Over the coming weeks we will be checking on your pip status and sending out any incentives by the end of 29th July 2022 which will be due to you so please look out for any communication from us this will be
We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Grapeviners for all you have taken part in over the years.

Thank you so much for using Grapevine!


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