How does Grapevine work?

Become a member of Grapevine

Get notified of upcoming research

Complete a screening process or short survey

Take part in chosen research

Get rewards and Pips for your opinions

More about Grapevine

Grapevine Panel, set up by RDSi, is always looking for people to take part in research. Grapevine Panel members are paid for participating in group discussions, online communities, and one to one interviews.

Members can also be paid through our point system called Pips. Pips are rewarded for completing opinion surveys and referring friends to join the Grapevine.

To find out more about Pips and how you can earn them.

Your details will never be passed to other organisations, and your participation in research will not result in any form of selling to you. You can verify that RDSi is a bonafide market research agency by calling the
 Market Research Society on 0500 396 999.

What is the difference between Recrutment Surveys and Opinion Surveys?

Recruitment surveys are used to see if you’re right for the market research opportunity. The research could involve taking part in a focus group, one-on-one interview or an online community. Once completed you may be contacted on the phone to go through some extra questions. Places are limited so you may not always be contacted.

Opinion surveys are much shorter in length and will only take a minute or so to complete. These won’t lead to market research opportunities, and each time you complete one you are rewarded with Pips! Once you have collected enough Pips you can exchange them for cash.

It really is that easy