Earn Pips

Reach Milestones

Exchange for Cash

What are Pips?

We listened to your feedback about how we reward you for taking part in our short surveys. You will now earn Pips for every short survey you complete. This will ensure that you are being rewarded for every opinion you give.

Each Pip is worth one penny. Once you have reached 500 Pips you will be able to exchange your Pips for cash!

How Can I Earn Pips?

Links to short surveys will be emailed out to our Grapevine Members, each one will never take more than one minute to complete. For each short survey you complete you will be rewarded with Pips. Each survey could give you anywhere between 20-100 Pips.

You can also earn Pips by referring friends and getting them to join the Grapevine. By visiting the refer a friend page you can send your unique link to friends and family. For every person who signs up using your link you will receive 10 Pips!

How Do I Exchange My Pips?

If you have 500 Pips or more email us with your PayPal email and we’ll transfer your rewards.

Don’t have a PayPal account? We can send a cheque to your address! Just remember to include your address in the email.